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In today’s world of civilization we seek places of unspoiled nature, fresh air and favorable microclimate. Increasingly popular use of the so-called. Waldbaden, silvotherapy. Staying in nature, among the trees, away from cities and cars, has therapeutic properties. Relaxes, relaxes,and calms. Improves mental and physical health. Being alone in the open air and being in touch with the environment fills every positive experience. Each tree has its own characteristics. In the leaves of certain species there are bactericidal substances, the juices contain vitamins and microelements, strengthening our body, conifers are mainly adding energy and essential etherical oils.


Our services

Forest treatment

We know that dendrotherapy really works. The healing influence of trees is scientifically proven. Birches, oaks and pines have the most positive effect on us, and there are a lot of those in Pestkownica and the area. We invite you to use dendrotherapy.

Forest therapies

In the forest there are 50 times less bacteria than in the city, trees emit germicides – use this natural medicine during walks, running, gymnastics …

Courses and training

You can submit at e-mail: information on a course, training in the field of therapy and activities related to the forest.

Gymnastics and yoga in the forest

Gymnastics in the forest is a quick energy boost that will stimulate our body for further activity. Fresh air in the morning will stimulate us for the rest of the day and help keep a healthy, fresh mind.

Massages under the trees

Most spas, massage rooms, operate in closed rooms. And although in Poland weather conditions are not always conducive to outdoor massages – it is worth trying this unique combination of nature and relaxation. Massages next to the buzzing reeds of the forest lake, overlooking the forest is an unforgettable experience

Walks in the woods

Societies in which the average life time of citizens increases and civilization development increases exposures to harmful factors (dust, radiation, noise, stress, chemically and genetically modified food, …) are increasingly interested in what can be done to live more healthy. They are looking for such ways of spending time to regenerate your body in a short time and improve your health.

Contact with trees

Trees produce negative ions that neutralize the positive ions negative for the body. Unfavorable ions arise as a result of diseases and are emitted by electronic equipment.